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Leli Group Holding

We are distributor for Philips flash memory and optical media in Europe, America, Canada and Mexico and manufacturer/ importer of Grixx smartphone and tablet accessories.

In order to provide you with the best possible solution, for defined markets and distribution partners, we also distribute a number of carefully selected other brands. We sell our products to distribution partners in many countries

Leligroup adds value

Our portfolio is based on the Good – Better – Best principle and offers the right products for a variety of customer segments. In addition to offering products with the right price/quality ratio, we aim to be more than just a distributor – we are your strategic partner adding value to your business. Whether it’s delivering high-quality products, providing excellent customer service, creating shelf plans, or supporting your sales processes, at Leligroup, you can rely on a trustworthy partner who puts your success first.

Brand sourcing

In addition to our own brands, we can also supply other brands. For example, we can expand the mobile accessories proposition with Sony and Philips audio products. Or on a promotional basis, supply other (A)-brand consumer electronics.

Finding the right products for key retail moments can be a challenge, especially when it comes to products that are not part of your core assortment. We’re happy to assist you in finding the right consumer electronics (A)-brands for your sales campaigns or promotions. We have extensive experience in supplying various products on a promotional basis, ranging from audio and video products to household appliances.

Member of BSCI and Sedex

Leli Group Holding is a member of BSCI and Sedex, ensuring that we provide our partners with products that are not only reliable and high-quality but also meet the strictest standards of social responsibility.

Striving for growth and innovation

At Leligroup, we believe in continuous growth and striving for innovation. We continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of our customers. Our focus is on delivering solutions that make your business more efficient and effective.

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